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5 Great Perfumes for Women

The winter season is here and it brings a great reason to invest in some new perfume to suit your style for the season. 2010 is home to the release of a wide variety of perfumes from designers, celebrities, you name it. But not all of them were worthy enough to make the list of this season’s hottest new scents. So which ones were?

Heat Ultimate Elixir – Beyonce

Released in department stores and online everywhere in September of 2010, Beyonce’s new Heat Ultimate Elixir perfume is arrived just in time to complete your winter beauty collection. Heat Ultimate Elixir is an exotic blend of cedar, amber, vanilla and red vanilla orchid to create an irresistable scent that is sure to satisfy your fall cravings.

Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle – Christian Dior

Bitter almond, vanilla orchid, jasmine and orange blossom come together beautifully in this exciting new celebrity perfume scheduled to hit stores in September. The perfume is a variated floral twist on 1998’s Hypnotic Poison, also released by Christian Dior. However, the perfume is not slated to be released within the United States.

Reveal – Halle Berry

Although Halle Berry’s new perfume Reveal isn’t due to hit the US shelves until 2011, it will be available in the fall of 2010 outside of the US and most likely online. The scent is scandalously seductive with its hints of honeydew melon, mimosa (yum!) and peach. The celebrity perfume has a slight woody scent that is true to Halle Berry’s nature but is enhanced with floral accents that make it hit among both women and men.

Bombshell – Victoria’s Secret

The next hot new addition to the Victoria’s Secret line of perfumes is Bombshell, which is exactly what the name suggests. Every bit as seductive and alluring as you would expect, Bombshell is going to be released for purchase in September of 2010. And if it’s anything like the previous releases in the Victoria’s Secret line, it’s a scent to die for.

Purr – Katy Perry

After playing the stakes high in Vegas and kissing a few girls, Katy Perry is releasing her own celebrity perfume accurately named Purr in November of 2010. Purr is a delicious mixture of green bamboo, apple, Bulgarian rose and vanilla orchid. It is a perfect scent for the upcoming season, but good luck putting it down at the end of autumn. You’ll be craving this one all year long.

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