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Light Up Your Christmas Tree Photo Using Your iPhone


How to Light Up Your Christmas Tree Photo Using Your iPhone

If you’re like many this time of year who are snapping photos of your Christmas tree, you may be looking for a way to brighten up those cell phone pictures. As far as Christmas trees go, it doesn’t get much brighter than Christmas trees, so why not add your own digital lights to that photo before sending it to friends or uploading it to Facebook?

Step One: Take a photo of your Christmas tree.

Step Two: Download the app “Glow Coloring”

Step Three: Tap the star icon in the lower right hand corner and select “Import a Picture”. ┬áSelect your Christmas tree photo from your Camera Roll.

Step Four: Next to the star icon you will see the icon that allows you to choose your selected paint brush for coloring your photo. To add Christmas lights, choose the small rounded circles and the color of your choice from your color palette, which is the square icon in the middle bottom half of the screen.

Step Five: Add “lights” to your Christmas tree as I have done with the one above with varying colors of your preference. Whether you choose a rainbow of many colors or a pattern for your Christmas tree lights, you’re well on your way to a newly transformed Christmas Tree photo.

Step Six: Once you have added the amount of lights that you wish to add, consider further updating your photo with the snowflake paint brush or any of the 30 paint brushes that you can choose from in the Glow Coloring iPhone app. When you’re ready to save, simply tap the icon in far left corner and select save or upload your photo to Facebook or Twitter.

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